EQ + Buffer in Pink Chalk w/Blue Ink - One of Five

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00326 - _0007_Scheme C - EQ Buffer.jpg

EQ + Buffer in Pink Chalk w/Blue Ink - One of Five


You know what? It's springtime. For week three, let's get colorful: pink and blue. Get them before they're gone. No messing around this time.

OBNE Utility 3 is an always on Buffer and switchable 3 Band EQ.  The buffer is helpful for long cable setups or when using an overabundance of pedals. The EQ is helpful in tailoring frequencies to specific parts, guitar switches or using it as an always on EQ. 

The Buffer is always on.  The On/Off switch only activates/deactivates the 3 Band EQ.

Controls :

Low : Counter-clockwise for less low frequency, clockwise to increase lower frequencies. 100 Hz Shelf

Mid : Counter-clockwise for less Mid frequency, clockwise to increase Mid frequencies.  500 Hz Bell

High : Counter-clockwise for less High frequency, clockwise to increase High frequencies. 2 KHz Shelf


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